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Second International Colloquium of Olympic Studies and Research Centres

On 2-3 August 2016, CORE attended the Second International Colloquium of Olympic Studies and Research Centres at Porte Alegre, Brazil. The Colloquium is held every four years for encouraging academic communication of Olympic Studies Centres in the world. CORE gave oral and poster presentation regarding the Olympic Education for 2020 Olympics.




The 2nd Olympic and Paralympic Education Lesson-Building Workshop

Centre for Olympic Research & Education (CORE) held a workshop on lesson building for Olympic and Paralympic education on Friday, July 24 2015, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute.

In total, 52 teachers participated in the group work, including elementary, middle-school, high-school and university faculty as well as non-teacher participants far from Tokyo. In addition, 23 persons participated as observers.

1.Keynote Speech -Olympic and Paralympic Education toward 2020-


Prof. Hisashi Sanada, the director of CORE introduced the Olympic Values: Excellence, Friendship, Respect and Paralympic Values: Determination, Courage, Equality, Inspiration with athlete’s episodes. In addition, he mentioned the importance of “Joy of Effort”, “Mental Barrier-free”, “Cooperation with Moral Education and Culture programme for 2020 Tokyo and beyond.


2.Reports of Practices

1) Ms. Tamae Murakoshi, Vice‐principal of Takasago elementary school, Tokyo : left

2) Ms. Ayako Wakimoto, Teacher of Zuiko elementary school, Tokyo : center

3) Mr. Tatsuki Nagaoka, Teacher of Junior High School at Otsuka, University of Tsukuba school, Tokyo : right





The 3 speakers shared practical examples of Olympic and Paralympic Education in their schools. Not only P.E classes, but also integrated studies and other special events could be rewarded as good practices. They promoted the understanding of people with impairment, awareness of Japanese and foreign culture, experiences of ancient Olympic Games etc.


3.Workshop and Presentation

After the reports, participants had a lesson-building workshop for creating Olympic and Paralympic Education. 10 groups presented their ideas as follows: Japanese.





Group 1:Welcoming Athletes


Group 2: 2020 Food Olympics


Group 3:Myogadani Olympics 2015


Group 4:Discover Japanese Culture


Group 5:How can you contribute for 2020?


Group 6:What I can do as 16 years old


Group 7: Let’s communicate with many people in the world


Group 8:The potential of Olympic and Paralympic Education
Group 9:Set the Olympic and Paralympic spirit in usual


Group 10:The issue of Fair Play



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProf. Hisashi Sanada mentioned the examples of GET SET programme in 2012 London and stated the importance of considering beyond 2020. In addition, he emphasized that we can add the Olympic and Paralympic  values in usual school life.

The Coordinator Ms. Akiyo Miyazaki, the Associate Professor of University of Tsukuba indicated that the future of the workshop will be developed as the AWARD programme. It means that teachers would bring the practical examples and share with other schools.


【Vol.3】Journal of Olympic Education

【Vol.3 Journal of Olympic Education】

CORE published the Journal of Olympic Education Vol.3. It includes CORE activities, reports in practice and feature contributions. We CORE has honor that especially Prof. Ian Henry from Loughborough University in UK gave us the article “Proposals for Realist Systematic Review and Metanarrative Analysis of the Philosophies and Implementation of Olympic Education Programmes”.

Olympic education programs related to the Sochi Olympics and Paralympics

From March 8 to 14, 2014, two groups visited Sochi to conduct a eld study of Olympic educa on programs related to the Sochi Olympics and Paralympics held in Russia as a joint project of CORE and the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute (hereafter Kano Center). One group visited from March 8 to 12 and the other from March 10 to 14.